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Start Shall we Talk about Climate Change?
12 April 2013

Shall we Talk about Climate Change?

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The BBVA Foundation has just edited the publication Shall we talk about Climate Change? by Sergio Alonso Oroza, Professor of Meteorology at the University of the Balearic Islands and OpenMind author. The book aims to provide information on what science has come to know about the Earth’s climate and its evolution, while using a language that is accessible to non-specialists in line with the other OpenMind contents of OpenMind.

The book mainly draws from the IPCC reports, and more specifically the fourth assessment report published in 2007, and includes recent research results generated in the working group that Sergio Alonso is part of.

Shall we talk about climate change? is a publication aimed at the general public, which contains scientific knowledge but also history, terminology clarifications, political decisions and other features, in an attempt by the author to combine the different aspects of the phenomenon, without losing scientific rigor.

The book is available through the BBVA Foundation’s website along with supplementary information that is free to access: Author’s introduction, Index and Author’s note. Additionally the full contents of the publication can be accessed through GoogleBooks.

Sergio Alonso is one of the authors of OpenMind with the greatest influence within the community. His article “Climate change on planet earth” has received over 350 downloads and is accessible free of charge in PDF and for e-book: Kindle and e-pub format. By accessing Sergio Alonso’s social profile you can contact him directly and discuss his publications.


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