The Impact of the Tecnological Revolution

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Environmental Disasters Society has Learnt From

The environmental movement took a big leap forward in 1969 as a result of a disaster caused by pollution. We review here that event and some other disasters caused by human action. They are better known for the big shock they caused society than for their impact on nature. From them [...]

A Big Eye to Search for Extraterrestrial Life

The European Southern Observatory has given the green light to the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope). Construction will last 10 years, in the north of Chile. The E-ELT will be in 2024 the world’s largest optical telescope, almost 4 times larger than the largest at present: [...]

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Getting it Right, the Wrong Way: the Gump Trap

Both in our professional and personal/family lives, we try to identify and measure risks; we assess the alternatives; we choose the best option and make sure that it is implemented correctly; and we check whether or not it was successful. If you would like more information about this [...]

Microgrids as an Energy Management Tool

Preventing climate change is possible if we act now and adopt policies that reduce energy use by harnessing the energy efficiency potential of renewable resources. However, there is little chance of reaching this objective if our only measure of success is emissions reduction. Climat [...]



What Happened to our Genomes?

Want to have your own complete genome? No problem. Write down the steps you must follow: first, get the support of a doctor; you still cannot request this service, at least not from a reliable supplier, without the approval of a physician who must sign the application. Then you have [...]

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José Manuel Sánchez Ron

Senior Professor of Science History at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Autono [...]



II OpenMind Collaborators Event: Co-creation and Community

The 2nd Collaborators Event of the OpenMind community took place on December 15, 2014 in Madrid, which bid farewell to the year with the panel discussion on “Collaborative Work Outlook. Co-creation and Organizations in the 21st Century”.

During the event, OpenMind collaborators and [...]