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Revealing the Invisible: the Kepler 447 Planetary System

More than 25 centuries ago a new way of understanding reality and the human relationship with it came into being: science as a method, with philosophy as its substratum. In fact, Anaximander, a pupil of Thales of Miletus, the “father” of philosophy, had already speculated about t [...]

Bridging the Gap through Women’s Economic Emancipation

Man’s evolution took giant leaps in the 21st century through rapid advancements in science and technology. But on the societal front, economic development has, so far, been sluggish in some countries due in part to the painfully slow acceptance of women’s critical role in the glo [...]

Poetic Reason as the Creative Center in María Zambrano

Throughout her intellectual career, María Zambrano was profoundly associated with her maestro, Ortega y Gasset. Ortega viewed human life as a radical reality, rejecting the deductive and inductive methodologies of analytic reason that employ a type of reasoning based on definitions [...]

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The Most Creative Applications of 3D Printing

3D printing is already turning into a classic lure at technology fairs. Manufacturers work hard to perfect and lower the price on these devices, which they then try to sell to the final consumer by appealing to their interests (such as handicrafts and model making) or to their hearts [...]

The Telephone War: Was it Graham Bell’s Invention?

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Popular knowledge assumes that these were the first words transmitted and heard on a telephone, on March 10th, 1876. The man who uttered these words was Alexander Graham Bell, the American born in Edinburgh (UK) who is often cited as the in [...]


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William F. Laurance

James Cook Distinguished Research Professor at James Cook University in Cairns, northern Q [...]

Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age

Business Models for Clients of the 21st Century

The advent of technology has transformed customers: They purchase using digital devices, pay online and do it all through online platforms (see graphic below). The market, therefore, is forced to follow the lead of its customers: who are increasingly demanding and digitally adept, wi [...]

Work in the 21st Century: Between the Industrial and the ICT Revolution

The Internet and all the network-linked technologies have enabled us to “be” almost everywhere without necessarily being physically there. In the work environment this translates into a new horizon opening up in terms of possible ways of working. But, has face-to-face work really bec [...]