1. What is the relationship between OpenMind and BBVA?

    OpenMind is a project promoted by BBVA dedicated to the generation and dissemination of knowledge. It is a non-profit initiative, with an independent editorial line and management policies and detached from any commercial pursuit. We are exclusively guided by the rigor and accuracy of the contents and their relevance for people’s future.

  2. Who edits the books in the OpenMind collection?

    BBVA publishes annually a book under the umbrella of the OpenMind collection. Each title consists of a collection of cross-cutting essays, by different authors, around a central theme. Each year we have a publisher that is in charge of the logistic processes inherent to publishing: translation, layout, printing, design, etc. The central theme and the specific issues dealt with by each of the individual articles that make up each work are decided upon by the OpenMind team. You can consult the individual records of each title here.

  3. Are the books available in print?

    All the books that OpenMind has published annually since 2009 are available for free download on the OpenMind website, in Spanish and English and in different electronic formats (.pdf, .epub and .mobi). Additionally, since 2012 a small print run of each title has been published in both languages (Spanish and English). To check whether paper copies of one or more of our titles are currently available, consult the website of the publisher responsible for each one of them. Also keep in mind that availability will vary depending on the language and country from which you wish to purchase the printed copy:

    1. 2009 “Frontiers of Knowledge” (Turner)
    2. 2010 “The Multiple Faces of Globalization” (Turner)
    3. 2011 “Innovation. Perspectives for the 21st Century” (TF Editores)
    4. 2012 “Values and Ethics for the 21st Century” (TF Editores)
    5. 2013 “There’s a Future: Visions for a Better World” (TF Editores)
    6. 2014 “Ch@nge: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet is Changing our Lives” (Turner)
    7. 2015 “Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age” (Turner)
    8. 2016 “The Search for Europe: Contrasting Approaches” (La Fábrica)
    9. 2017 “The Next Step: Exponential Life” (Turner)
    10. 2018 “The Age of Perplexity: Rethinking the World we Knew” (Penguin Random House)
    11. 2019 “¿Towards a New Enlightenment? A Transcendent Decade” (Turner

    It is also possible to obtain paper copies of some of the titles published through some of the main online book distribution portals such as Amazon, Fnac or Casa del Libro. Neither BBVA nor OpenMind can sell copies of the books through any channel.

  4. Can I publish my articles in OpenMind?

    If you are interested in dissemination and want to share your ideas and reflections through our platform, you can do so as long as you share our goal of global and free dissemination. Collaborators are an essential part of the OpenMind project and over the years, the network of contacts has grown, and we now have almost 100 individual (people) and institutional profiles.

    A contributor does not work for OpenMind and is not paid for their contributions. At OpenMind we manage the editing of text, illustration, translation and dissemination through our channels and those of BBVA, always with the aim of reaching as many people as possible and adhering to the minimum standards of quality and rigor that we extend to all contents that appear on our website.

  5. What profile do OpenMind collaborators have?

    At OpenMind we seek to enrich our discourse with as many perspectives as possible, so we do not limit the professional profiles of our collaborators to a specific field. Academics and all types of professionals (economists, lawyers, scientists, engineers, philosophers, journalists, doctors, etc.) currently participate. The important thing is to have the vocation to share, be willing to learn and improve the capabilities of expression and innovate with formats and styles with the help of our editorial management and advisory team. OpenMind reserves the right to select articles based on quality or purely editorial criteria.

  6. How does the collaboration dynamic work?

    Send your CV to openmind@bbva.com and a brief description of your interests in terms of disclosure and we will contact you to go into greater depth and create your profile on our platform. You can find out all the details of the process in this document.

  7. What are my rights and obligations as an author?

    The people who collaborate in our project do so altruistically and have no commitment to stay and are not bound to a certain publication frequency. The topics can be freely chosen, although the OpenMind editorial committee always seeks to align them with our principles and the interests of our audience. To find out the rights and obligations of a collaborator, click on this document in which we detail the legal framework that protects the authorship and the intellectual rights of your texts in our platform.

  8. Why is there no advertising in OpenMind?

    OpenMind is a Corporate Social Responsibility project with an own and independent editorial line that is funded directly by BBVA and that does not include the economic exploitation of its audience through advertising agreements with banners, link building strategies or branded content sponsored by third brands and/or entities.

    For other collaboration agreements (syndication, dissemination, cooperation in networks, contacts, sponsorships, patronage, co-management of events and others) contact openmind@bbva.com to send the proposal.

  9. Does OpenMind exist outside the online world?

    At OpenMind we hold annual events to present our books and discuss some of the main issues we deal with throughout the different chapters of each work. You can see a history of our meetings in the events section of our website and be aware of new calls in our social networks.

    Every year we organize a presentation in Madrid, where our head offices are located, but we try to reach further and further away, and we have organized events in Barcelona, Boston, Brussels, Mexico City, San Francisco or Houston, among others. You can keep up to date with our calls through our newsletter. It is free of charge to attend our events as a member of the audience and we guarantee an unforgettable, didactic experience with the best standards of quality and rigor. Take the opportunity to meet people interested in the future of our time who want to debate.