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Jerome C. Glenn

The Millennium Project, Washington, D.C., USA

CEO of The Millennium Project since 1996, co-author with Ted Gordon of the annual State of the Future reports, editor of Futures Research Methodology 3.0, and designer of the Global Futures Intelligence System.

Jerome C. Glenn has been an independent consultant for UN organizations, and several governments and corporations. He has published over 100 future-oriented articles in publications such as the International Tribune, New York Times, Royal Society of Arts Journal, and The Futurist. He has keynoted over 200 conferences for leading corporations, governments, and universities around the world.

He is author of Future Mind: Merging the Mystical and the Technological in the 21st Century (1989), Linking the Future: Findhorn, Auroville, Arcosanti (1979), and co-author of Space Trek: The Endless Migration (1978 and 1979).

Glenn has a BA in Philosophy from American University, an MA in Teaching Social Science – Futuristics from Antioch Graduate School of Education, and he was a doctoral candidate in General Futures Research at the University of Massachusetts. He has received the Donella Meadows Medal, the 2012 Computerworld Laureate, the Kondratieff Medal, an Emerald Citation of Excellence, Computerworld 2013 laureate for innovations in collective intelligence, and is a leading boomerang stunt man.


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