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02 June 2022

12 Destinations for Science Tourists

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With the long-awaited summer break come some travel ideas for inquiring minds looking to enjoy sightseeing and, at the same time, take science on holiday with them.

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Miguel Barral suggests…

  • visiting Delft (The Netherlands) to discover the cradle of microbiology and virology, in an area renowned for its prestigious painters and famous ceramics
  • strolling along the cliffs and beaches near the village of Manaccan (Cornwall, UK), where titanium was discovered by a local vicar
  • wandering through the Renaissance garden of Heidelberg (Germany), which started out as the eighth wonder of the world… but was never completed.

Javier Yanes invites us to…

  • discover one of the hidden gems of Florence, the Galileo Museum, to contemplate its collection of ancient scientific instruments, one of the largest in the world
-Viajes Cientificos OpenMind 2-Los dos telescopios de Galileo y, enmarcada, la lente con la que descubri√≥ las cuatro lunas mayores de J√ļpiter. Cr√©dito: Javier Yanes
Galileo’s two telescopes and, framed, the lens with which he discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter. Credit: Javier Yanes
  • climb to the top of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii and marvel at the futuristic image of the 13 telescopes exploring the sky¬†
Observatorios astronómicos en la cima del Mauna Kea. Crédito: Javier Yanes
Astronomical observatories on top of Mauna Kea. Credit: Javier Yanes
  • follow the fossil trail that tells the story of the extinction of the dinosaurs from Yucat√°n (Mexico) to Denmark via Spain, the United States and Tunisia
Los acantilados de Stevns Klint. Crédito: Ragnar1904
The cliffs of Stevns Klint, Credit: Ragnar1904
  • put ourselves in the shoes of one of the Apollo 11 astronauts by experiencing the launch into space from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral (Florida)
Viajes Cientificos OpenMind 5
Eugene Cernan lunar suit and lunar roving vehicle in Kennedy Space Center. Credit: Daderot

Laura Chaparro recommends…

  • exploring the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Geneva), which proved the existence of the Higgs boson
Peter Higgs, delante del detector CMS del Gran Colisionador de Hadrones. Crédito: Maximilien Brice/CERN.
Peter Higgs, in front of the CMS detector of the Large Hadron Collider. Credit: Maximilien Brice/CERN
  • scrutinising the cosmos from the Atacama Desert (Chile), where the European Southern Observatory’s ALMA telescope is located
openmind-turismo-cientifico-2 Vista aérea del llano de Chajnator, con las antenas de ALMA desplegadas. Crédito: Clem & Adri Bacri-Normier (
Aerial view of the Chajnantor Plateau, with ALMA antennas deployed. Credit: Clem & Adri Bacri-Normier (
  • having a pint at The Eagle, the pub in Cambridge (UK) where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of the structure of DNA
Placa en el pub The Eagle que conmemora el histórico anuncio realizado en el local. Crédito: Benjah-bmm27.-openmind-turismo-cientifico-3
Plate at The Eagle pub for commemorating the historic announcement made there. Credit: Benjah-bmm27.
  • following in Marie Curie’s footsteps in her laboratory at the former Pasteur Institute, now the Curie Museum in Paris
El laboratorio de Marie Curie conserva instrumentos utilizados por la científica. Crédito: Museo Curie.
Marie Curie’s laboratory preserves instruments used by the scientist. Credit: Museo Curie
  • losing yourself in the breathtaking nature of Iceland, in search of the passage leading to the centre of the earth described by Jules Verne around the Sn√¶fellsj√∂kull volcano
El volcán Snæfellsjökull, de 1500 metros de altura, está coronado por un glaciar. Crédito: Axel Kristinsson.
The Snæfellsjökull volcano, 1500 meters high, is crowned by a glacier. Credit: Axel Kristinsson

Laura Chaparro  Javier Yanes y Miguel Barral 

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