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08 May 2020

What Have We Learned From COVID-19?

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Since SARS-CoV-2’s arrival, our lives have drastically changed. New terms have invaded our everyday lives and we are increasingly realize the importance of understanding and analyzing the information bombarding us.  

Pandemic, SARS, contagion curve, patient zero, PPE, epidemic, virus, zoonosis, eco-epidemiology… Coronavirus is giving us a new dictionary, and breathing new life into old, uncommon terms.  

In order to better understand a public health topic that is filling newspapers and television news around the world, we have created this crossword puzzle with part of this essential glossary on coronavirus: 

If you are interested in the topic, we recommend reading some of the content in which we discuss the new and old technologies being used in the fight against COVID-19 – from the journey to find a vaccine, to improving people’s lives with drones or discoveries and even historic events that are helping us in this pandemic.  


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Searching for the Next Big Pandemic Virus: Are We Ready?

Microbiota: a Microscopic Shield Against COVID-19

Nanotechnology and Cutting-Edge Materials Face-off against COVID-19

Microscopic enemies: the contagions that threaten us

Paz Palacios for OpenMind

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