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Start OpenMind’s New Book: Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age
16 February 2015

OpenMind’s New Book: Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age

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Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age, produced by BBVA, is the latest book in the OpenMind series; in it more than twenty authors, leaders in their respective fields, examine the different ways in which the technology driven information revolution is transforming the very principles of how we work and do business. With the objective of understanding the powerful forces that are influencing our world, the book, which is supplemented with numerous infographics and illustrations, analyzes the challenges that today’s businesses and individuals face in a changing economic environment.

Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age


The digital revolution has unleashed a tsunami that is shaping the future of the economy, society and everyday life. The rules of the game for business change almost daily and it is difficult to adapt to the fast-paced and constantly changing environment. Large organizations, which have been profitable and leaders in their industries for decades, need to change radically to succeed in this new era.

In Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age, these challenges are discussed in nineteen articles sorted into five sections:

  • The Impact of the Technological Revolution
  • Customers and Markets
  • People, Talent and Culture
  • Workplaces and Cyberworkplaces
  • Leadership, Strategy and Management

Different authors address issues ranging from the influence of big data business models in the new technological context, to issues such as the quality of employment, gender and diversity, new working environments or the need for governance to formulate and drive a change strategy that ensures a framework for flexible and transparent action.

If you want to read the whole book, you can find it available for download (free) here.


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