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David Mowery

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University, David Mowery is the William A. and Betty H. Hasler Professor of New Enterprise Development at the University of California, Berkeley Walter A. Haas School of Business, and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Dr. Mowery taught at Carnegie-Mellon University, was Study Director for the Panel on Technology and Employment of the National Academy of Sciences, served in the Office of the United States Trade Representative and was a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow. He has been a member of a number of National Research Council panels, and in 2003- 2004 was the Marvin Bower Research Fellow at the Harvard Business School. His research deals with the economics of technological innovation and the effects of public policies on innovation; he has testified before Congressional committees and served as an adviser for the OECD, various federal agencies and industrial firms. Dr. Mowery has published numerous academic papers and has written or edited a number of books, including the Oxford Handbook of Innovation; Innovation, Path Dependency and Policy; Innovation in Global Industries; Ivory Tower and Industrial Innovation: University-Industry Technology Transfer Before and After the Bayh- Dole Act; and Paths of Innovation: Technological Change in 20th-Century America. His academic awards include the Raymond Vernon Prize from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, the Economic History Association’s Fritz Redlich Prize, the Business History Review’s Newcomen Prize, and the Cheit Outstanding Teaching Award.

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