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Start Introducing a “4 P” Bottom Line
20 January 2014

Introducing a “4 P” Bottom Line

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In order to develop a more sustainable future, a 4 P bottom line, where People, Planet, Pleasure and then Profit are guiding principles, must underpin twenty-first-century business models.

Most people can agree with this principle and aim to lead more sustainable lives, but our “Always On” society encourages a culture of constant consumption.

The measure of a twenty-first-century brand’s true worth and potential is how it engages with the world as a whole. To be a winner, you must implement a 4 P strategy and bottom line. We have talked about People and Planet and how to balance these with the essential P for Pleasure: the meaning and foundations of the Good Life.

Focus on balancing the first three and the final P for Profit will follow. The 4 P is not just a communications and marketing strategy, but also a whole new opportunity for thriving as a business through real value and meaning.

Read more about this topic in Anne Lise Kjaer´s article, ‘Imagining the Future. Leading the Way in a Changing World. Consumer Trends for The Future’

By Anne Lise Kjaer

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