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José Antonio López Guerrero

Professor of Microbiology

José Antonio López Guerrero (Madrid, 1962), Microbiology Professor at the UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), where he studied Biology, obtaining a Doctor’s Degree with distinction (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department) in 1989. Apart from teaching, he is currently researcher and Director of the Scientific Culture Department of the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (UAM-CSIC). After a first postdoctoral research at the Center of Biological Research (1990-1993) about murine rheumatoid arthritis models, he transferred to the German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg, 1993-1996) where he studied the molecular aspects of parvovirus infections. After returning to the UAM and until today, he directs a research group about neuropathology related to herpes simplex. His passion for scientific popularization has led him to actively collaborate in radio programs (Radio 1, Radio 5, Radio Exterior, Radio Utopía), TV (Mi+dTV, TVE2, UNEDtv) and press (El Cultural). He is author and/or editor of 10 books and over 100 scientific articles.

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