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Start Follow the Live Stream of the Event “Ch@nge” in Madrid
28 April 2014

Follow the Live Stream of the Event “Ch@nge” in Madrid

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Francisco González presents the latest book in the BBVA series “Ch@nge: 19 essays on how the Internet is transforming our lives” in Madrid.

The book launch will be attended by two of the authors that have been instrumental in explaining the “ch@nge” that Internet is bringing about at all levels of society today: Federico Casalegno, Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab and deputy director of the MIT Design Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Lucien Engelen, Director of the Reshape Innovation Center and Chief Imagineer at the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nimega, Holland.

Bepart of  “ch@nge” and participate by putting your questions to the authors through our Twitter profile, with the hashtag #OpenMindCambio.

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