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Kristin Shrader-Frechette

University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

O’Neill Professor, Biological Sciences Department and Philosophy Department, University of Notre Dame, United States. Kristin Shrader-Frechette is author of nearly 4,000 articles and 15 books, including Taking Action, Saving Lives (2007) and What Will Work: Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Energy (2011), Shrader-Frechette has held membership on many United States National Academy of Sciences boards/committees, the United States Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board, and many UN committees.

The first woman president of three international scholarly/scientific organizations (SPT, RAPA, ISEE), she has lectured throughout the world. Her research, funded by the National Science Foundation for 28 years, is translated into 13 languages. In 2004 Shrader-Frechette became the third American to win the World Technology Award in Ethics. In 2007, Catholic Digest named her one of 12 Heroes for the United States and the World for her global, pro-bono environmental-justice work with minority/poor communities. In 2011, Tufts University awarded her the Jean Mayer Global-Citizenship Award for pro-bono and scholarly work.

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