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Start Salvador Aragón Responds: the Present and Future of Innovation
22 October 2015

Salvador Aragón Responds: the Present and Future of Innovation

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“Science and research are probably the most sophisticated and efficient tools that we as humans have ever discovered.”

Salvador Aragón, Chief Innovation Officer and Information Systems Professor at IE Business School, discusses with OpenMind his concerns regarding the present and future of innovation in this scientific video-questionnaire.

Aragón strives to provide a coherent response to the challenges, problems and opportunities associated with innovation in the business world. He argues that we are living in a disruptive era of innovation, with a new phase just around the corner. He also acknowledges Schumpeter as one of his great influences. Will Salvador one day devise the great unified theory of innovation that he so longs for?

To find out a bit more about his work, see his latest article for OpenMind, Diversity and tribal thinking in the collaborative organizations.

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