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Start The Advancement of Hibernation for the Conquest of Space
24 March 2023

The Advancement of Hibernation for the Conquest of Space

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Being able to put people into a state of suspended animation, like an induced hibernation, would be a giant leap for mankind in two of its great aspirations: to conquer space and to keep our bodies intact while we wait for better times. Since the middle of the last century, science has come closer to realising this dream with each step of research, especially in the last decade. We have now reached the point where inducing hibernation in primates is already a reality. 

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Torpor: Equivalent to hibernation, but for relatively short periods, less than 24 hours.

Suspended animation: Term used to describe the temporary interruption of biological processes that has no negative effect on the organism itself but actually protects it.

Cryogenisation: Exposure of an organism to very low temperatures to preserve it, with the aim of reviving it in the future.

Hypothermia: Lowering of core body temperature below normal.

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