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Start Sebastian Seung Presents the Results of his Study on “Conectoma”
17 July 2012

Sebastian Seung Presents the Results of his Study on “Conectoma”

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“The billions of brain neurons resemble trees of many different species. Such an immense organ in its complexity is found inside our skull that could be as infinite as the universe”

On Monday, July 16 Sebastian Seung, Professor of Neuroscience at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), will present the results of his research on neural connections embodied in the book “The Connectome project”.

Sebastian Seung Presents the Results of his Study on “Conectoma”

This is the most comprehensive study on Connectome theory published to date. S. Seung compares the concept of connectome with the genome and points out that if our genome determines our genetic traits from the connection between small molecules (nucleotides, i.e. our DNA), the task of bringing together “all connections between neurons in the nervous system” would fall to connectome.

Thus, the human brain could be summarized in a diagram similar to the nematode worm, although much more complex. And the first thing it would reveal is that “each of us are unique individuals”. This is something we already knew, but according to Seung in his study, “it has been surprisingly difficult to pinpoint where, precisely, your uniqueness resides”. And where does the difference lie?



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