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Start Talent and People Who Transform the Company
09 March 2015

Talent and People Who Transform the Company

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People are the ones to plan and carry out the transformation of companies in order to adapt to technological and social changes. Collaboration and diversity as opposed to hierarchies are vital to the new corporate culture.

The framework of diversity, helped by new technologies, enhances creative thinking. At the same time, gender diversity is redefining leadership styles. The professional and personal aspirations of members of the company are also diverse. Therefore, governments and businesses should create a flexible working environment.



In the third chapter of the book Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age, six new OpenMind authors analyze the transformation of the company from the standpoint of people: diversity, collaboration, family … Discover with Chris Warhurst, Sally Wright, Celia de Anca, Salvador Aragón, Alison Maitland and Stewart D. Friedman all about people, talent and culture in the new company.


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