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15 December 2015

Philip Cooke in OpenMind

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Philip Cooke is Professor at the Center of Innovation in Bergen University College, Norway. Between 1991-2014 he was University Research Professor of Regional Development, Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies at University of Wales and Professor of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development. Formerly, he was an Adjunct Professor of the School of Development Studies in Aalborg University, Denmark, and of LEREPS (Studies and Research laboratory in Economics, Policies and social systems) at the University of Toulouse, and Editor of European Planning Studies.

Transversality and Territory: On the Future Dynamics of Regional Knowledge, Innovation and Growth

This paper reviews some key conceptual and practical barriers that have hampered territorial economic development prospects. Conceptual and comparative empirical studies show that regional knowledge and innovation flows were no longer vertical, linear and cumulative but horizontal, variegated and combinative. This evolutionary economic geography discovery will be supported with insights from resilience and complexity theory and demonstrated by reference to three exemplars of transversality, which is the name for innovation and knowledge flows policy that overcomes the cognitive and policy lock-ins.



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