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Book · 2022

Sustainability Notes nº2: Natural and Technological Solutions to Stop Climate Change

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Improving energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy, sustainable transportation, responsible consumption and the commitment to sustainable food are some of the strategies that are already being implemented in an urgent and coordinated manner in the most developed economies. Very few question them. 

However, there are other, less visible measures with effects that are sometimes less immediate. They receive less public attention, but they can play just as critical a role in the fight against climate change as those mentioned above. The restoration and conservation of natural carbon sinks – both terrestrial and marine – rewilding, CO2 capture and storage technologies and solar geoengineering occasionally spark intense debate among the scientific community and citizens themselves. In this second Sustainability Notes, “Natural and Technological Solutions to Stop Climate Change”, we explore some of these initiatives and the controversy that surrounds them. 

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With the help of experts like Karen Holl, ecologist from the University of California; Rocío Jimenez, researcher from Cádiz University; Sebastián Di Martino, Conservation Director at the Rewilding Argentina Foundation; Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Director of the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre in the U.K. and David Keith, Professor at Harvard University, we explore each of these proposals in order to better understand the opportunities they offer, and also their risks.