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John Tomlinson

Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK

Professor of Cultural Sociology and director of the Institute for Cultural Analysis, Nottingham, England, John Tomlinson has published on issues of globalization, cosmopolitanism, modernity, identity, media, and culture across a range of disciplines from sociology, anthropology, and media studies to geography, urban studies, and development studies, and lectured widely in academic, cultural, and political forums in Europe, the United States, and East Asia. He has acted as consultant to international public sector bodies including UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the NATO Defense College. His books include: Cultural Imperialism (Cassell, 1991) and Globalization and Culture (Polity, 1999), both of which have been widely translated. His latest book The Culture of Speed: The Coming of Immediacy was published by Sage Publications in October 2007. His current research interests include work on the impact of globalization in China, cultural and political cosmopolitanism, and a reassessment of the practices and processes of cultural regulation in Western societies between the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries.

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