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14 June 2019

How Mobile Apps Have Transformed the Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry

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From booking flight tickets to ordering the lunch, mobiles apps have taken over almost all the industries. This world has become so small and now fits in the palms of our hands. We can get anything to eat just by a few taps.

Mobile Apps? Transformation for Restaurants and Food Delivery!

One of the reports on Statista states that it is expected that the food delivery business will grow by 9.3% by 2023 resulting in the market volume of USD 134,490 Million. Currently, the biggest segment in the industry is Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery with a estimated market volume of USD 58,008 in 2019.

This sounds a huge figure, but those who are involved in this business can presume that this number can be attained way before 2023 with a rapidly visible hike in the demand of the food delivery services and applications.

But how has it actually changed the way restaurants used to run the business?

Mobile applications make business more profitable and have made user access to use several features which enhance their experience and make them eat more, which include the features as mentioned below.

#1 Demand Food? Delivered!

Today, we place the orders to the restaurants from our mobile phones without even going in the restaurant and they make it reach our doorstep and we can enjoy our meal without even disturbing what we were doing.

Most of restaurants already deliver their food through apps.

Applications such as SkipTheDishes and various others have been successful to secure their place in the memory storage of most of the foodies. These applications help the users check the restaurant’s menu which is available for the food delivery with the price of the meal and enable them to place an order at the same time.

#2 Candlelight Dinner? Table Reserved!

You had a tiring work day today, but you have to go on a dinner date and you forgot to reserve the table yesterday. But no worries, your mobile phone has got your back!

You can quickly go on your favourite food ordering app and check right away for the availabilities of reservations; and with a few taps, you have got your table reserved.

This feature of reservations has helped a lot to the business professionals for sudden urgent meetings, to the procrastinators who never do anything in advance and to the restaurants from filling up their tables at the last minutes and increasing the sales.

#3 Confused over the taste? Read the Review!

Along with placing the orders and delivering food, these applications give space to the users to share their experiences.

The customers write about the taste of food, services provided by the staff if they visited the restaurant, service provided while delivering the food and they rate the particular dish or the restaurant according to their experience. These reviews and ratings help the following users to decide whether or not they would like to use the same services or order the same dish.

This feature also helped restaurants to improve the food quality and services by reading the reviews of their customers and which enables them to stand shining in the competition.

#4 Short on Budget? Get Discounts!

One more benefit for the foodies catches their eyes when the app promotes a newly launched discount offer. People will definitely love to order food if they get a chance to claim the discount or cashback.

Promoting discount offers or cashback coupons is also an elegant sales strategy to attract more and more business. There are even applications that especially promote just discount coupons and offers making the users order more and more food as they can get a discount on various items and purchases.

Along with these, there are features which are quite useful in terms of managing other things as well, those are as follows.

#5 Where has your food reached? Check on the map!

Today’s youth is fast-paced. They want everything, actually, before time; be it their promotion or their food delivery.

You can check where your rider is through the app’s tracking system.

Well, you can’t track your promotion yet, unfortunately. But you can definitely track your food delivery right on your mobile screen. These food delivery apps come with a feature of GPS Integration which helps the user to check the exact location of the food delivery vehicle.

This feature also helps the delivery men, as well as the restaurant owners, keep a record of their deliveries, whether they are on time or is there any breakdown.

#6 Running out of Cash? Pay it online!

With the increase of Digitalization, it has become very rare that we carry currency notes with us. We mostly keep limited cash with us and prefer to make payments online. These mobile applications give us the chance to pay online and make us eat comfortably even if we don’t have money in our pockets.

This helps the restaurant owners collect the money straight away into their restaurant account and the application, as well, helps with managing inventory and all the entries of cash and the orders placed and completed. Applying a simple algorithm in the application dividing the amount of the delivery men and the amount of the food ordered makes it easier for the owners to make the payments to the delivery men as well.

A boon for the tech professionals!

The food industry rarely experiences any recession in the market and with the blessing of technology, it is much more in demand. We come across the local news every day and hear that one or the other restaurant opens up its business near us and with the trend, they too look forward to getting on the business with the services of food delivery.

Some restaurants urge for a separate mobile app like GrubHub and Postmates dedicated to their business whereas some business urge for a mobile application for a collection of various restaurants clubbed in together competing with each other to provide the best. In any case, they definitely require a mobile app development team.

Thus, here this industry transforms the employment market as well by demanding a lot of mobile app developers to apply on work.

Here’s your take away!

It doesn’t matter if you are foodie, a restaurant owner, a delivery man or a mobile app developer; it is to accept that the mobile apps have revolutionarily transformed the restaurant and food delivery industry. It has opened up a lot of opportunities and choices for the professionals and for the users.

Moreover, you can always dive deep into this industry and check for yourself how many resources the mobile apps have transformed in here.

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