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Start Mexico Hosts the Launch of the OpenMind book “Ch@nge”
18 December 2014

Mexico Hosts the Launch of the OpenMind book “Ch@nge”

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The presentation of the book Ch@nge : 19 Key Essays on How the Internet is Changing our lives, took place at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City.  Francisco González, Chairman of BBVA, closed the event, recalling in his speech the major changes that the Internet has brought to the banking industry, and how it also allows projects such as OpenMind, to bring knowledge to as many people as possible.

Peter Hirshberg, Neil Selwyn and Juan Ignacio Vázquez, three of the authors of Ch@nge also participated in several presentations on the Internet’s impact in different areas: media, innovation, business, education and society.

Juan Ignacio Vazquez, for example, spoke about the Internet of Things, in which the objects connected via Internet become “first class citizens who speak to each other and with people.” Do these objects make us more or less intelligent?

 Neil Selwyn, highlighted some of the challenges education faces from the Internet, such as the digital divide and the risk that those who are less fortunate may be ignored, or the democratic potential that education can reach everyone, wherever they are. However, does the technology alone the power to end social inequality?

 Peter Hirshberg raised a important debate in the world of Internet media, as to whether  audiences have also become producers of content through Internet? Is this an advantage or a disadvantage for authors and artists?

Meanwhile, Prof. Victor Manuel de Cueva of ITESM contributed to this debate with his vision of the most important phenomena resulting from the network of networks: Big Data. The possibility of obtaining knowledge from massive volumes of information, this is known as “data mining” and will become increasingly important in the business world.


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