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04 October 2018

Amazing Moments of Science

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In this video animation series we present the key moments in the history of science. How did the great discoveries that have allowed scientific development occur? Who are the great names of science and how did they make those intellectual achievements and unique ideas? Newton, Einstein, Ramanujan, Vera Rubin or Darwin changed the world, and it is thanks to them that today we understand it and we can develop new knowledge an ideas.

It is not easy to put yourself in the shoes of these geniuses to understand how the most amazing events of the history of science occurred. In every discovery there are circumstances, a historical context and many other brains involved! Therefore, we want you to know the story behint the history with this series of infographics that will help you to learn while enjoying the structure of DNA, the evolution or the photoelectric effect!

1. Newton and the Equations of Nature

2. The Discovery of the Structure of DNA

3. The Origin of Vaccines

4. The Photoelectric Effect

5. Ramanujan and the Number Pi

6. Vera Rubin and the Dark Matter

7. Charles Darwin and Evolution

8. The Genoma Race

9. Unravelling Blood Circulation

10. The Discovery of Microscopic Life

11. First human landing on the Moon

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