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29 October 2018

6 Interesting Facts About The Animal World

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The fauna inhabiting planet Earth has shown many times that it has a great ability to surprise us, whether because of their skills or their customs. Evolution has resulted in many species having traits that allow them to survive in their ecosystems and sometimes exceed the limitations of human capabilities.

In this article, we compile some of the most curious anecdotes of the animal kingdom: from ants to sharks, through mammoths, polar bears, bees and macaques. Delve into the fascinating world of zoology.

1 – Reversing extinction

According to the UN, between 18,000 and 55,000 animal species become extinct every year. The same institution suggests that human activity and climate change are the main causes of the destruction of ecosystems and fauna. However, there are species that have been declared extinct at some point in history and then small or remote populations have been discovered that have returned the species to life.

In addition, another de-extinction phenomenon takes place in laboratories thanks to biotechnology. Genetic engineering, cloning or selective crossings are some of the techniques used to resurrect missing species such as the quagga or the bucardo.

2 – Names with a tribute

It was Linnaeus who established the binomial nomenclature system with which the planet’s species are named. The Swedish botanist classified more than 9,000 plants and 4,000 animals. The Linnaea genus, which is a genus of flowering plants, was named in his honor.

Other species have been named in homage to their discoverers or other important figures because of their contribution to the environment, nature or the animal world. Discover some of the most interesting ones in the article Baptized with Honors.

The British naturalist David Attenborough has dozens of species named in his honor. Credit: Taylor Herring/Flickr

3 – Animals also know mathematics

The human being is not the only rational animal and there are many species that have behaviors that could be thought to be inherent to homo sapiens. One of them is the ability to perform minor mathematical operations. For reasons of survival, mobility or feeding, some species use their mathematical reasoning. Find out what pigeons, sharks, and ants use numbers for.

4 – Animals with “superpowers”

Some animals have developed abilities beyond the 5 senses that allow them to optimize their orientation or hunting abilities and that could be those of Superman or Wonder Woman. You’ll be amazed by this collection of the incredible qualities of bees, narwhals and bats.

Las moscas tienen ojos compuestos, formados por decenas e incluso miles de lentes que les permiten detectar movimientos muy rápidos. Crédito: Virvoreanu-Laurentiu

5 – Technology inspired by the animal kingdom

Precisely because of some of the special qualities that animals have developed, the world of science and technology has taken notice of them to incorporate them into applications that make human life more comfortable. Find out in this article some of the scientific advances that have been inspired by the animal world.

6 – Seasonal insects

During the summer, the bites of mosquitoes and wasps, which are essential to keep ecosystems balanced, force us to be aware and smear ourselves with repellent. In winter, however, this problem disappears and insects are not a nuisance. Where do insects go during the winter?

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