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06 March 2019

How Much do You Know about Women in Science?

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Do you know what the Matilda Effect is? This is a bias against acknowledging the achievements of those women scientists whose work is attributed to their male colleagues. This effect was first described by Matilda Joslyn Gage in her essay, “Woman as Inventor.”

The term “Matilda effect” was coined in 1993 by Margaret W. Rossiter, who provided several examples. Even if we mention different reasons such as gender-based discrimination, competition, respect for hierarchies or the weight of established scientific knowledge, the fact is that many women were not recognized for their achievements.


This test goes through 20th-century science revealing discoveries made by pioneering women so that we may find out more about these leading female figures in the shade. And if you want to meet more women of science, we recommend reading about Maria Telkes, Hedy Lammar, Maria Mitchell and many others who are waiting to be discovered.


By Paz Palacios for OpenMind

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