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Book · 2021

Sustainability Notes nº1: Carbon Neutrality: Current Status and Outlook

Climate change is one of the biggest risks we face as a species, and although there are some discrepancies among the international community regarding the cause and consequences, there is one issue in which everyone agrees: we must act and we have to do so now.

This fight is not just the responsibility of the countries and governments of the world. It is a matter that affects all of us. Companies and individuals also have a fundamental role. And this is the message we hope to help transmit with this collection of Sustainability Notes, which begins with the first number entitled “Carbon Neutrality: Current Status and Outlook” and that you can download here.


Through a series of interviews and articles, in Sustainability Notes, we share the visions of leading experts who study and work for a more sustainable world. Thanks to experts like Valvanera Ulargui, Director General of Spanish Office for Climate Change; Carlos Duarte, a scientist specialized in oceanography; Carlos Abanades, Research Professor at CSIC; Luis Díaz Fernández, Chair of the Spanish CO2 Technology Platform (PTECO2); and BBVA Research experts we try to offer clues regarding how to resolve all these issues, which are so relevant to our world today.