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Carlos M. Duarte de Quesada

Carlos M. Duarte de Quesada is a Research Professor, Department Head and Director of the International laboratory for Global Change at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research, in Majorca, Spain and is Director Designate of the Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia. Born in 1960 in Lisbon, Portugal, and Spanish citizen, Carlos M. Duarte received his B.Sc. on Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1982, and his Ph.D. in 1987 from McGill University (Canada). Carlos’ current research is directed to the conservation and sustainability of marine ecosystems through the identification of their role in the functioning of the biosphere, their status and threats, and their responses to the various global pressures, natural or anthropogenic, acting upon them. Carlos’ projects currently focus on polar ecosystems and the Mediterranean as vulnerable ecosystems to global change and is currently leading a large circumnavigation expedition, the Malaspina 2010 Expedition, where over 400 scientist from 40 institutions participate. Carlos has published over 420 papers in international journals and book chapters, including a book entitled Seagrass Ecology (Cambridge Univ. Press) and several books for the public. This research has received over 12,000 cites, for which Prof. Duarte was named Highly Cited Scientist by the Institute of Scientific Information (Philadelphia, USA), in 2005. Carlos received, in 2001, ASLO’s Evelyn G. Hutchinson Award to scientific excellence, in 2007 received the Spanish National Science Award and in 2009 received the Rey Jaime I Award. In 2005 Carlos was appointed member of the Academia Europaea, and in 2009 was appointed, by the Council of Europe, member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council, the highest-level scientific committee at the European Union. Carlos has been presented with an Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Université de Quebec a Montreal and will be presented with an Doctorate Honoris Causa by Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in March 25, 2011. Duarte served as President of ASLO (until July 1st 2010) and as co-editor in chief of the journal Estuaries and Coasts (until Dec 2010). For more information see:

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