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Juan Murillo Arias

Expert in urban planning and technology

Juan Murillo is a strategic advisor specialized in smart cities and digital transformation. He is also responsible for the area of Sustainability and Smart Cities at OdiseIA, an observatory for the development of ethical Artificial Intelligence.

Juan is a Civil Engineer specialized in Urban Planning, and holds an Executive MBA from the EOI, as well as training in Artificial Intelligence strategy from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and in ethics in the use of data from the Open Data Institute. In the field of applied research, he has collaborated in the development of several scientific articles in cooperation with the Senseable City Lab, cooperation with the MIT Senseable City Lab and other academic institutions. 

He has developed his career in the field of urban planning, participating in the design of mobility infrastructures and urban services, as well as in the analysis and socio-economic diagnosis of municipalities undergoing transformation: tourist destinations and conversion areas subject to improvement and revitalisation projects to boost their economic and environmental sustainability. In 2012 he joined the Smart Cities working group at the BBVA Innovation Centre, and until 2021 he was part of its data strategy team. He has now resumed his activity in the field of urban planning.

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