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José Ángel Martín Gago

Instituto Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid-ICMM-CSIC

José Ángel Martín Gago is a Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) Research Professor at the Madrid Institute of Material Science (ICMM). There he leads the ESISNA research group studying interdisciplinary problems using nanoscience and nanotechnology, such as near-field microscopes in vacuum and synchrotron radiation. He has written over 170 publications in renowned international journals. He is President of the Spanish Vacuum Society (ASEVA) and a member of committees of scientific experts at several European synchrotron radiation facilities. He is the lead researcher at the ERC-Synergy project (“NANOCOSMOS: Gas and dust from stars to the laboratory: exploring the nanocosmos”), together with J. Cernicharo and C. Joblin that is working to build instruments that make it possible to simulate in a laboratory the formation of cosmic dust and the chemical processes in dying stars. He is also participating in the European Graphene Flagship macroproject. His career has also included intense work in scientific dissemination, including giving conferences for the general public, organizing courses and writing popular science books (such as “The nanoworld in your hands”, “El nanomundo en tus manos” in Spanish, published by Crítica) and a science fiction novel (“Advent: the doors to a new world”, “Ádvent, las puertas de un nuevo mundo” in Spanish).

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