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Tod Machover

Composer, Inventor and Educator

Tod Machover has been called “America’s Most Wired Composer” by the Los Angeles Times and is celebrated for creating music that breaks traditional artistic and cultural boundaries. He is also celebrated for inventing new technologies for music, such as his Hyperinstruments which augment musical expression for everyone, from virtuosi like Yo-Yo Ma and Prince to players of Guitar Hero, which grew out of his Lab. Machover is Professor of Music & Media and Director of the Opera of the Future Group at the MIT Media. He has recently launched a Music, Mind and Health group at MIT to develop musical activities that significantly improve a variety of medical conditions and enhance lifelong mental and physical acuity. Machover is particularly noted for his radically inventive operas, the most recent of which – the robotic Death and the Powers – premiered in Monaco in fall 2010 under the honorary patronage of Prince Albert II and will tour the US in spring 2011.

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