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Ernesto C. Martínez Villalpando

Kopin Corporation, San Jose, CA, USA

Ph.D. Candidate at the Biomechatronics Research Group at MIT’s Media Laboratory. Ernesto C. Martínez Villalpando holds a Master of Science degree from MIT (2006) and a Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico (2002). His current area of research in rehabilitation robotics focuses on the development of novel biomimetic lower limb prostheses to improve amputee locomotion. His research objective is to use these biomedical technologies as platforms to understand the principles of human-machine integration. At MIT Ernesto contributed to the development of the world’s first powered anklefoot prosthesis and is currently leading the work to develop a novel active knee prosthesis. Prior to his graduate work in assistive technologies at MIT, he was as a researcher and engineering professor at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico, working in the area of mechatronics and mobile robotics.

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