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20 March 2019

How Much do You Know about Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs would have celebrated his 64th birthday in 2019. Let’s look back over his facet as an inventor, which was just as controversial as the rest of his personality. He is considered the father of the first personal computer and founded Apple Computer, probably the most innovative firm in the sector. The IT wizard was one of the most influential players in today’s technological revolution and significantly helped to popularize information technology. His visionary ideas in the field of personal computers and mobile phones have changed theIT  market and the habits of millions of people for over three decades.


Jobs’ life is full of interesting facts and stories of success and failure. For example, he founded NeXT Computer (1995), the company that created the machine that allowed the programmer Tim Berners-Lee to shape the World Wide Web, the basis for the development and popularization of the Internet. Some of his many success stories include the interesting fact that Jobs bought the animation division of Lucasfilm Limited from George Lucas, which resulted in the animation giant Pixar, responsible for producing a number of major animation classics like the Toy Story saga.

Paz Palacios for OpenMind

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