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Start “Ch@nge” Comes to Madrid: Health, Banking and Connections that will Change our Lives
19 May 2014

“Ch@nge” Comes to Madrid: Health, Banking and Connections that will Change our Lives

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Being up to speed on matters concerning the Internet is anticipating the future. The most powerful agent of change in history has broken into many diverse areas of our daily lives. To reflect on this change and the social and economic transformation that is already taking place, Francisco González has presented the latest book in the BBVA series: “”Ch@nge”, 19 key essays on how the Internet is changing our lives”.

In addition to BBVA’s Chairman, two of the book’s authors also attended the presentation in Madrid: Federico Casalegno, manager of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab and Lucien Engelen, manager of the REshape Innovation Center in Radboudumc (Holland).

The issues that have marked the debate include the following: the transformation of banking, a sector in which information is increasingly crucial to develop a business adapted to the 21st century; the connections that will design our interaction with the human and non-human environment. And finally, medicine in which patients, thanks to the Internet, will have an increasingly active and decisive role in their own health care.

If you sign up to “Ch@nge” with OpenMind, you can also view the book’s presentation at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in which the authors Thomas Malone and Yochai Benkler took part along with BBVA’s chairman.


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