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30 July 2015

The Environmental Challenges Facing Companies

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Economy and ecology cannot be considered separately. Both are necessary for the development of a nation.

We are faced with numerous social and ecological challenges at the global level that we have to resolve as soon as possible through a combination of innovative ideas and viable solutions by the hundreds of countries that make up the planet. Our generations will be responsible for taking specific measures to ensure a prompt and balanced solution for all.

We are seeing an incredible race by the leading world economies to “obtain control” of the environment. These globalized nations must take on the challenge of international leadership in the area of sustainability with the greatest possible transparency. There is no doubt that the current trends point to an exponential growth in the relationship between economic development and the destruction of the environment, which highlights they way in which humans can rapidly use up the natural system and exert their pressure in an unsustainable way.

The holistic relationship between economy and ecology has been a source of considerable interest in recent decades in order to build a model of sustainable development based on regulating the use of natural resources so as to safeguard them and guarantee their proper management for the future.

Most companies have not only been able to adapt to global economic change, they have also realized that the only way to continue increasing their productive capacity is by contributing to the sustainability of natural resources and incorporate social, technological, cultural and ethical issues.

The relationship between the environment, social engagement and economic planning is the key to increasing corporate responsibility and securing the trust of communities, customers and suppliers, while ensuring the acceptance of the product or service as a sustainable element.

Corporate environmental performance must be assessed by identifying ongoing improvements that create optimum conditions for the processes of planning, production and commercialization, in addition to generating beneficial opportunities for workers, customers, suppliers and others.

In times of crisis, social and environmental innovation have become particularly important in alleviating some of the serious consequences of intolerable acts perpetrated against the natural environment that have forced societies and corporations to come up with other economic and productive models that allow the balance between economic, social and ecological resources. In response to these paradigms, environmental management is one of the surest ways to achieve the aims of environmental improvement.

So environmental management is one of the keys to the success of corporations and organizations, and should be seen as synonymous with well-being, both as a way of obtaining an economic or productive advantage, but also to achieve the goal of improving societies and the environment.

Maria Eugenia Rinaudo Mannucci

Specialist in Environmental Management

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