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02 December 2011

New Impulses from Neuroscience

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Robert Shiller, Professor of Economics at Yale University and co-author with George Akerl of  “Animal Spirits”, describes in this article how revolutions in science tend to come from completely unexpected places, such as it is ocurring with the neuroscience in the last few years.

Neuroscience -the science of how the brain make decisions- is questioning whether much of our business cycle is driven by fluctuations in “animal spirits”: something in the mind not understood by economists.

We recommend that you read “The Neuroeconomics Revolution” by Robert J. Shiller, and also these two related articles of the community OpenMind: The Economy of the Firm by V. Salas and Frontiers Research in Economics by J. Esteban, as well as “Stories of Neuroscience: Dali and Freud’s mind” by J. Alonso.

“Freud’s portrait” by Dali


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