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10 October 2012

The Social Good

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You may not be a scientist, architect or teacher but I think innovation, new technologies and especially ethics, confidence and new ideas that may arise in the era we live in are key today. In fact, what we have to eliminate is negative thinking knowing that we can get out of all of this and have a positive attitude toward changes.

Each of us must reflect on what we can do to improve, and how we can help. We are each a tiny part but if we all aim to achieve the goal of social good, we will achieve it.

Our lives change daily, hourly, every minute and second. I’m 33, and right now, my life and my environment has nothing to do with what it was like one, two or five years ago. We therefore have to innovate and always know how to adapt to change. Nobody thought that from those big cell phones with antennas and huge keys that had to be carried in a bag, we would progress to having a small, light phone with a touch screen; a hard drive would end up being as convenient as the iPad and the Internet would be our daily lives. A lot will still change in our present and future and therefore we have to adapt.

In this community I belong to, OpenMind, you can talk about many issues related to knowledge and we can all contribute ideas. It is its raison d’être: telling stories or experiences outside our profession that we have had or are about to have.

From my own experience and my personality, I like to try to do everything. Once, without knowing anything about organizing or events, I decided I wanted to organize my wedding and decorate it. So I set to work without any resources or training. It was all about getting down to it, taking initiative and inventing new things that nobody had done before. My partner, now my wife, was astonished by the ideas and things that could be done, both with new as well as recycled materials. We had 350 guests in total and I took care of everything, firstly because I wanted to and secondly because I had to do it to save money.

With respect, ethics, desire and will you can achieve anything. In fact since then I have organized and decorated more than 10 weddings and events, free of charge , for people who wanted to fulfill their dreams but could not afford it, and others for whom I do so with all the enthusiasm in the world because they are family or friends. And every time I do it I must achieve it by innovating, by adding and making those changes that have occurred in technology.

I think it’s a great example of when you do not have or cannot do something, you can achieve a lot with imagination, desire and by adapting to change.

Oscar David Díaz González

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