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Start A Challenge to Commemorate World Press Freedom Day
30 April 2020

A Challenge to Commemorate World Press Freedom Day

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On May 3, 1991, representatives of the African news media participating in a UNESCO seminar in the capital of Namibia drew up a document stating the principles of freedom of press. Since then, every May 3, World Press Freedom Day commemorates the anniversary the document, known as the Declaration of Windhoek. This year’s motto “Journalism without Fear or Favour” was chosen by UNESCO to raise awareness about the need to ensure the safety of journalists and media workers, combat impunity, and underpin journalism independence and gender equality in the media.

In today’s context, at a time when the world is facing a global pandemic of still incalculable consequences for the well-being of the population, truthful and rigorous journalism more necessary than ever to fight all the misinformation surrounding COVID- 19. Are you ready to give it a try?

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