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Sourajit Aiyer

Consultant, South Asia Fast Track Sustainability Communications

Sourajit Aiyer is a Consultant at South Asia Fast Track Sustainability Communications where he does freelance research assignments for Indian/foreign clients. Previously, he worked with Grameen Impact Investment, Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment), Motilal Oswal Financial Services, UBS Bank London, Evalueserve Research, apart from internships with Grameen Bank Bangladesh & TATA Motorfinance.

He has written 3 Books on regional economies, 160+ articles for 60 publications on climate, sustainability, development, agriculture, business, finance & geopolitics, given 30+ university guest-talks & conference presentations & has curated ~20 webinars with 50+ international domain-experts. He holds certificates in GRI Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Green Bonds, Fundraising & Responsible Business Conduct.

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