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Sandip Tiwari

Cornell University, Nueva York, USA

Sandip Tiwari is Charles N. Mellowes Professor in Engineering at Cornell University with interests in the engineering and science underlying information processing. His current explorations are in understanding and laying foundations of the broad themes that make machine learning a useful approximate proxy for understanding the natural world’s dynamics. This includes using probabilistic and neural network techniques to understand complexity, energetics, entropies, and confidence in inferences as theoretical tools, and nanoscale hardware approaches as practical tools.

Recognitions of his past contributions include the Cledo Brunetti Award and Fellowship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Young Scientist Award from the Institute of Physics, and Fellowship of the American Physical Society. One of his coauthored patents underlies a common molecular charge profiling technique employed in commercial gene sequencing tools.

He believes passionately in education and research as the apex of human pursuits, bringing together curiosity and collective efforts for community well-being when combined with open sharing, critical self-reflection, and community debates of the technical pursuits.

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