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Sander E. van der Leeuw

Arizona State University, Phoenix. Arizona

Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, an archaeologist and historian by training, Sander E. van der Leeuw has taught at Leyden, Amsterdam, Cambridge (UK) and Paris. Van der Leeuw’s core research theme is the study of socio-environmental dynamics, but he has also contributed to the reconstruction of ancient technologies, (ancient and modern) regional man-land relationships, GIS and modeling. Since 1981, he has worked on applying Complex Systems Theory in various ways in all these domains. From 1992 to 1999, he coordinated a series of major research projects funded by the EU on (modern) socioenvironmental problems in Southern Europe. He is currently involved in applying Complex Systems approaches to the study of invention and innovation in the United States and Europe, funded by the Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation and DG ICT of the European Commission Since late 2003, he has been Professor of Anthropology at Arizona State University, and Director of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. As of July 1, 2010, he simultaneously fills the position of Dean of ASU’s School of Sustainability.

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