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Ronald Inglehart

University of Michigan, Michigan, USA

Lowenstein Professor of Political Science and a research professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, Ronald Inglehart is co-founder of the Euro-Barometer surveys and director of the World Values Survey (surveying 97 countries and almost 90 percent of the world’s population). Engaged with changing belief systems and their impact on social and political change, his most recent books (co-authored are Cosmopolitan Communications: Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World (2009); Democratization (2009); Modernization, Cultural Change and Democracy: The Human Development Sequence (2005); Sacred and Secular: the Secularization Thesis Revisited (2004); and Rising Tide: Gender Equality in Global Perspective (2003). He also co-edited Human Beliefs and Values: A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook based on the 1999–2001 Values Surveys (2004) and Changing Values and Beliefs in 85 Countries: Trends from the Values Surveys (2008). A member of the editorial boards of eight scholarly journals, and formerly a consultant to the US State Department and the European Union, he has studied or taught in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Nigeria, and New Zealand. For more information: and

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