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José Antonio Ruiz

Professor at Nebrija University

José Antonio Ruiz is a professor at Nebrija University. He holds a PhD in Journalism, a Bachelor’s in Performing Arts, an MBA and a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technologies. He worked as a journalist at BBC World Service (London), France International Radio (Paris) and Cadena SER (Spain), where he was the head of news. In recent years, he has combined teaching (political propaganda and dramatic literature) with his work as a political advisor and writer. 

His last book (‘El Último Sapiens. A las puertas de la creación de una nueva estirpe humana’ (The Last Sapiens. On the verge of the creation of a new human lineage), is a popular science essay on the pros and cons of the genetic manipulation of human embryos. Luis María Anson, of the Real Academia Española, has referred to the book in the following way: “It is one of the most interesting and entertaining books I have read in the past 20 years. With rigorous writing, José Antonio Ruiz sheds light on the paths of science and delves into the immediate future. ‘El último sapiens’ is a breathtaking essay that has put the author on the cutting-edge of history, science and literature in the 21st Century.”

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