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22 June 2016

Drones for Good

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Originally, drones were invented for warfare. For example, to conduct dangerous espionage missions or to bomb war zones without risking pilots. Over time, however, their civil use has proliferated. Their bad reputation has turned into a more sustainable and caring one.  The drop in production cost, improvements in remote control management and the option of controlling them through tablets and smartphones has opened the door of this technology to a wide variety of different sectors.

Drones already execute tasks which were formerly carried out by cranes and helicopters. They are a great asset for the audiovisual industry because they can capture images from previously impossible angles. Drones also fulfill the role of  forest rangers. They perform air surveillance to protect forests from fires. These drones incorporate thermographic cameras and help to prevent fires, they facilitate the work of fire fighters and minimise risk to human lives. Drones are also used to spread seeds which boosts reforestation on a massive scale.

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