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Start 5 Questions for Beginners on Artificial Intelligence
19 February 2019

5 Questions for Beginners on Artificial Intelligence

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At the end of the 19th Century, human knowledge experienced a moment of full boiling: the Industrial Revolution had completely modified the daily life of many Western societies and science and engineering had become indispensable engines for its development.

However, in no way did we imagined the achievements that could be reached by  the 21st Century, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which still seems to many as a matter of science fiction. If you are among those “eternally fascinated” by the potential of AI you must know these 5 curiosities about Artificial Intelligence. A fun trip in 5 stages to learn more about the future to which we are heading, and to which we will arrive in an increasingly accelerated way.


By Paz Palacios for OpenMind

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