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16 April 2018

Radically Reassessing “The Economic”

Critically challenging mainstream representations of “the economic”, the chapter draws on empirical research to inform an economic imaginary based on diversity and difference. Rethinking the economic is argued to be vital at a time of crisis and perplexity, particularly if it encourages a radical re-appraisal and re-valuing of non-capitalistforms of work and organization in everyday western society. While emphasising the need for greater recognition of the interconnected and overlapping nature of contrasting economic typologies, the chapter concludes by arguing that utopian visions of a capitalist society, based on “fullemployment”, should be rejected in favour of “post-capitalist”societies based on full and meaningful forms of engagement. ByRichard J. WhiteinThe Age of Perplexity: Rethinking the World We Knew.