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27 February 2019

Cybersecurity: A Cooperation Model

The degree of gravity with which we view the cyber threat is a matter of perspective, experience, interaction, and awareness. Whether we view it as a criminal act or terrorism or a hybrid is an important point for discussion. Resolving that question helps frame how we perceive those responsible for cyberattacks and facilitates resolution regarding punishment for their actions. That question has relevance for law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the judiciary. Our focus, as the title suggests, is on cybersecurity cooperation in an effort to minimize the impact of an attack. Cooperation, as we shall come to see, raises concerns in different quarters. Some of that concern is legitimate. It needs to be addressed and compellingly responded to. A cooperation model is intended to offer institutionalized mechanisms for preventing—or at least minimizing—the harm posed by the mere threat of an attack, much less an attack itself.

By Amos N. Guiora in in Towards a New Enlightenment? A Transcendent Decade.