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Susana Del Río

Committee of experts of the European Union

Speaker in the various Parliaments, think tanks etc. and Lecturer in several European Universities. She has a BA in History, PhD, Doctor Cum Laude in Political Science and received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award in Social Sciences and Law.

She is a member of the Committee of Independent Experts of the European Commission in «Democracy in a supranational context, European communication, Citizens and Governance».

She is also the author of several books: Europa: el estado de la Unión, Aranzadi 2006; Ciudadanía activa en Europa: Proceso participativo y nuevos espacios para la comunicación, Difusión Jurídica, 2008, and numerous publications on representative and participative democracy, civil society participation, elections to the European Parliament, constitutional European model and politics in the European Union.

Her new book is Europe: Project and Process. Citizens, Democracy, Participation, Brussels, Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste and Peter Lang, 2014:

She is author and Director of the project ‘Upgrading Europe’. Director of the EU Project: Erasmus+ AGM+ .

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