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Roberto Benavent de la Cámara

Writer and Data Analyst

During secondary school he chose Science over Humanities even though he was greatly interested in Latin and History. After studying Statistic Sciences and Techniques, he conducted research on the optimization of Banach space and applications based on space and volume-filling curves (relaxation of curves such as Peano). He also taught linear algebra and differential calculus for eight years. As a result of this experience he published two books, one about linear algebra and the other one about mathematical analysis: theory and practice. He has also published two studies about mathematical programming and another one about practical applications of the calculation of multiple integral.

He has always dedicated time to reading (especially essays) and going to the cinema. He has increased the time he dedicates to these two activities to the point where they equal his dedication to mathematics. Currently he writes about his experience both as a teacher and as a student and continues reading as much as possible.

Topics on which this author writes: