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Raimo Väyrynen

Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, Finland

Director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Earlier, Raimo Väyrynen was President of the Academy of Finland (2004–7), Director of the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies (2002–4), and Professor/Director at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame (1993-2002), Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki (1990-93), Visiting Professor at Princeton, Harvard and Minnesota Universities; Professor, University of Helsinki (1978-93), and Director of Tampere Peace Research Institute (1972-78). Early this year he was appointed Chairman of the Board of the University of Lapland. He is a widely published author and holds many positions of trust. He is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Science Foundation and a member of the Board of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo.

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