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Rafael Pinilla

Doctor, Psychologist and Economist. Coordinator in Spain of NGO Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Doctor, Psychologist, Economist and Coordinator in Spain of NGO Citizens’ Climate Lobby. With broad interdisciplinary interests. I did my doctoral thesis on the economic evaluation of health and quality of life. I have been an associate professor of economic analysis at the University of Valencia. As a researcher I worked on updating life tables with the methodology of the Human Mortality Database. I have worked in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Spanish Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policy where I was lead evaluator. In 2009 I worked as director of R & D in the Value Bet SL technology company. In 2010 I founded Bet Quality of Life SL, the star-up that developed the platform for doctor-patient communication. My biggest concern right now are the changes that new technologies are leading in health services and the benefits that can be generated for health and the economy.

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