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Peter Koslowski

Free University de Ámsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Peter Koslowski was Professor of Philosophy, especially Philosophy of Management and History of Philosophy, at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam, Netherlands, since 2004. He passed away on May 15, 2012 leaving behind a great legacy of work on management philosophy and organization and history of modern philosophy.

He was the Founding Director of the Hanover Institute of Philosophical Research, Hanover, Germany, from 1988-2001, a Visiting Scholar-in-Residence with the Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in 2002-2003, and a Fellow of the International Centre for Economic Research, Turin, Italy, in 2003-2004.

His books on economic and business ethics include Ethics of Capitalism (7th German edition 2010, Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean translations), Principles of Ethical Economy (German edition 1988, English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian translations) and The Ethics of Banking: Conclusions from the Financial Crisis (German edition 2009, English translation 2011).

He has been Chairman since 1997 of the Working Group on Economic Ethics and Economic Culture, German Philosophical Association; and Chairman since 2002 of the Working Group Compliance and Ethics in Financial Institutions in the German Business Ethics Network. He holds two Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

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